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Cycle highway

An international long-distance cycle route that starts in Athens and ends in Nordkap, Norway. It passes through Slovakia in the length of 203 km.

Cycle route EuroVelo 11

EuroVelo 11

20. mar

EuroVelo is a network of bicycle roads that connect major European destinations across the continent. The network has been under construction in Europ...

International cycle route

EuroVelo 11

A section of the EuroVelo 11 route is planned through eastern Slovakia in a total length of 203 km, of which 157 km through the Prešov Region and 46 km through the Košice Region. Cycling roads will make up 70% of the entire route, the rest are purpose-built low-traffic existing roads.

See what you experience

EuroVelo 11

Dozens of medieval Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches. Free royal cities of Prešov and Sabinov. Fascinating views and breathtaking scenery. Natural and cultural attractions. A place for peace and relaxation. And most importantly a sea of experiences!

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Marmon Hill

065 46 Matysová

Marmon Hill (801 m above sea level) is an important part of Matysov nature. It got its name from the red rock, which was mined in a quarry above the village.

Oslí vrch (hill)

064 01 Stará Ľubovňa

Oslí vrch (859 m above sea level) is one of the highest peaks of the Ľubovňa Highlands. It is situated north of the town of Stará Ľubovňa.

Springs in Matysová

065 46 Matysová

In the small village of Matysová, which has less than 100 inhabitants, there is a real rarity - springs that do not freeze even in the greatest frosts.