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An international long-distance cycle route that starts in Athens and ends in Nordkap, Norway. It passes through Slovakia in the length of 203 km.

Cycle route EuroVelo 11

Bicycle rental already in Snina

31. july 2020

As part of the development and activities supporting nature tourism in the Polonina region, the first electric bicycle rental was launched in the Snin...

Eurovelo 11 in Veľký Šariš was christened with beer

24. june 2020

The new cycle route with a bridge, part of which was ceremoniously opened on Wednesday (June 24, 2020) in Veľký Šariš, will allow cyclists a smooth pa...

The EuroVelo 11 cycle route is gaining more and more realistic contours

19. may 2020

The EuroVelo 11 international cycling road, which runs through the Prešov Region, also includes two footbridges over the Poprad River connecting Slova...



1. Get on your bike and take the EuroVelo 11 corridor!
2. Stop at each information board on the route Prešov - Muszyna - Mníšek nad Popradom, take a selfie at the information board so that it is clear which board you are at and that you have completed the route on a bicycle.
3. Stop at all 30 boards and then all 30 competition photos were sent to us together with contact details to email:
4. After sending the competition photos, you get an immediate prize - a cycling package of EuroVelo promotional items 11.
5. The competition ends with the distribution of all packages.

See what you experience

EuroVelo 11

Dozens of medieval Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches. Free royal cities of Prešov and Sabinov. Fascinating views and breathtaking scenery. Natural and cultural attractions. A place for peace and relaxation. And most importantly a sea of experiences!

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The Garden of the Senses

Aleja Zdrojowa, 33-370

The Garden of the Senses is a fascinating park and an ideal place to have a walk or relax.

National Cultural Monument Solivar


The National Cultural Monument Solivar in Prešov is one of the most important technical monuments in Slovakia.

A lookout tower in the Garden of the Senses

Aleja Zdrojowa, 33-370

When wandering around the Garden of the Senses you should definitely not miss a lookout tower on the top of the hill.